Patient Participation Group

We are an active Patient Participation Group working with the doctors, managers and staff of Kingswinford Medical Practice on behalf of all patients. We are based at Kingswinford Medical Practice, Standhills Road, Kingswinford, DY6 8DN where we meet approximately every 8 weeks.

Our aims, as set out in our constitution.

  • To represent the views of patients at the practice
  • To increase patients’ awareness of health related issues
  • To increase PPG members’ awareness of patient issues needs and views in order for the PPG to effectively represent these.
  • To support GPs and all staff at Kingswinford Medical Practice to bring about positive change to health services e.g. at the practice and/or wider NHS services


View our PPG Constitution page.

Our PPG committee / membership is made up of:

  • Chair: Mr Wicken
  • Vice-chair: Mrs Bolton
  • Secretary: Mr Parker
  • Treasurer: Mrs Head
  • Plus representatives who sit on the PCN PPG and POPS (local patient groups); and other PPG members.

Meetings: PPG meetings are held 4 to 5 times a year at the surgery. A member of the surgery’s management team also attends our meetings.

Patient suggestions

Privacy notice

KMP PPG project

Kingswinford Medical Practice Patient Participation Group ( KMP PPG), The Art Corner.

KMP’s PPG recently obtained funding from Dudley Purse Fund to set up a children’s art corner within the practice waiting room. The art corner was suggested by the practice business manager as a way of improving facilities for children whilst they wait to see the Doctor or Nurse. A bid was worked on and sent for approval. We were very fortunate that the PPG Purse Fund supported the project. We agreed to design the project around healthy lifestyle and happiness. Posters were designed asking children to draw pictures around the topics of: “Things that make me happy” and “Food that is good for me”.

We approached a local printer who produced two colourful, children friendly posters for display, plus a further poster explaining what the PPG is all about information on how to join our PPG. The children are awarded with colourful achievement stickers when they complete their picture. Their pictures are displayed on a notice board. A survey will be conducted next year to obtain feedback from patients.

Join our Patient Participation Group

All registered patients are able to join our Patient Participation Group. People of all genders, ages, ethnicities, and those with health conditions and disabilities are encouraged to join.

Members should as far as possible, be representative of the surgery population.

To join: