Tiny Happy People

More than one in four children who start primary school are behind with their literacy development (language, communication and literacy skills). Literacy is essential to reaching development and education milestones, and we know that lower levels of educational attainment are linked to poorer health outcomes later in life.

Tiny Happy People is a fantastic online resource from the BBC, which provides a wealth of free resources for parents and carers of children aged 0-5, including fun activities to try, expert tips and advice, and inspiring articles and stories to read. It has dedicated sections for each stage of a child’s early years, including pregnancy, and even an area for grandparents.

The resources are curated by leading child development experts and can support families to play, bond and communicate, so their child can develop the essential building blocks for communication and language – giving them a better start in education and in life.

https://teach.files.bbci.co.uk/tiny-happy-people/All_GP_ films_combined.mp4