Did You Know?

From the start of Lockdown, to the end of August, Kingswinford Medical Practice issued prescriptions for 73,681 items of medication or appliances.

That in itself is staggering – but then consider the work behind the numbers…

Many prescription requests still arrive at the practice on paper, so they need to be put on to our clinical system by our reception team (many of you have Online Access, which allows you to request your medicines directly – thank you).

All requests are then put through to the GP team, who have to carefully check each item is safe, appropriate, and correct for the patient. This can take time, especially if a patient is on many different medications.

Once these checks are done, the prescription can be signed off. Thanks to a massive effort by our Reception team at the start of Lockdown, virtually all of our prescriptions now go electronically to a chemist – which means we don’t have to print them off. They still need the same care and attention paid when issuing them, though!