Covid-19 vaccinations update

Are you over 50?

Have you received a text message from us with respect to your covid vaccination?

If you have please ensure you respond as requested.

It will take a couple of seconds to respond if you have booked elsewhere (“Other”) or don’t want the injection (“Decline”). By letting us know you will help us to move to the next cohort and get the vaccine programme rolled out faster.

If you haven’t already had the vaccine and haven’t received a text message we either don’t have a mobile telephone number for you or we have the wrong number. If this is the case please fill in a change of contact details form.

We have appointments available at the Community Centre on Tuesday and Friday next week. Please get in contact with us on Monday after 9am if you are over 50 and would like to be vaccinated. You can either call our main reception on 01384 271241 or our covid vaccination mobile on 07715 406714.

We want to ensure that as many people as possible receive the vaccine as soon as possible. Unfortunately we cannot offer it to younger cohorts until we have invited all in the older cohorts.

Unfortunately, we don’t have access to the national booking system so we cannot see that you have booked elsewhere, there are also currently delays in the vaccine information reaching your records, which means that if you had it in the last couple of days we may not have been informed as yet.

Please help us to help you and respond to the text message or call us to book your vaccine.

If you aren’t yet able to have your vaccine (eg you have covid, you are isolating, you are unwell) but wish to receive it at the Community Centre please let us know and we will keep in contact with you until you are able to receive it.

I make no apologies for the long post. We are currently a host of the biggest vaccination programme ever, we believe we have done a fantastic job so far and want to continue that.

We have 100 appointments still to fill this week, whilst the vaccines won’t go to waste, our nurses time will be wasted if they aren’t filled.

We would love your help. Please let us know if you’ve had your vaccine by simply responding to our text:

  • if you’ve had your vaccine elsewhere respond “Other”
  • If you’ve an appointment booked elsewhere please respond “Other”
  • If you don’t want a covid vaccine respond “Decline”
  • If you want a vaccine and haven’t booked one already please contact us on Monday after 9am on 01384 271241 or 07715 406714 to book an appointment.

A big thank you to those that have responded, it really is appreciated. You have helped us to be more efficient and saved valuable admin time – this allows us to contact others and focus on our normal work.

Another big thank you to all those that have already been vaccinated, especially if you used our service at the Community Centre.

Thank you