A Message From Our Doctors And Nurses:

At KMP, we have more doctors and nurses than we have ever had before: currently 9 doctors, an advanced nurse practitioner, 4 practice nurses, 2 physiotherapists and a mental health nurse. Between us, we provide about 680 consultations each week.

Within the limitations of being human, we are all absolutely doing our best to meet the needs of our patients – all 7,960 of them. The demands upon us are extraordinary.

Any suggestion that primary care is not open or pulling their weight is insulting: we are consulting with more patients than ever, at the same time as successfully delivering the biggest vaccination programme in history.

We realise that some people feel that doing our best is not good enough.

Unfortunately, we have seen a significant increase in aggression and abusive behaviour directed at our team. People are being rude and unkind over the telephone, online and when they come to the surgery. We will not tolerate this kind of behaviour any more.

We are thankful to those patients who have shown kindness in their interactions with us and have understood that we are doing our best. It means a lot to us.